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Stock and price feeds from Hub

We offer over 20,000 products to a huge range of customers with stock levels changing all the time. You need a way of making sure that your systems have the latest pricing and stock information so you can make accurate business decisions. So we created feeds in Hub. Just log in, click on webstore and select feeds.

Feed file

Our feed system generates files as a standards-compliant CSV or comma-separated value file. This means that we provide the data in plain text, with commas between each field except where the field contains a comma, in which case we’ll enclose the field in quotes “like this”. Fields that contain quotes will have three quotes in succession, like this: “””.

The file can be configured with different fields in any order you want, just click on configuration and change your feed setup. The only field that can’t change is the SKU field which must be the first field in the file.

Delivery mechanisms

You can configure feed delivery for a range of different mechanisms:

  • Email – delivered to one address of your choosing
  • FTP – we deliver the file to your FTP server, just provide the authentication and server details.
  • SFTP – Sometimes known as SSH FTP or secure FTP.
  • FTPS – Sometimes called FTP-SSL, this uses a secure TLS tunnel to protect your FTP connection
  • StockIntheChannel – A website commonly used by channel partners to quickly check stock and pricing from multiple distributors

You can also choose the time of day your feed is delivered.

Need something else?

We’ve included all the commonly asked for mechanisms and information in the feed system but if there’s something you need we don’t do, drop us a line and we’ll have a look.

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