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Data feed filenames

When you create a new feed file, some settings are automatically set for you. One of those is the filename. By default the filename is:

Hub Feed YYYYMMDDhhmmss.csv

The filename will include the data and time of the file being generated so you can confirm the date and time it was created and when we send you the file you have a copy of each file (instead of overwriting the old one).

However, you may prefer to change this to include different time information or even no time and date information at all and just a static file that is overwritten each day.

On the delivery tab, of your feed in Hub, you’ll see the filename configuration:

Simply enter what filename you want, using the placeholders beneath if you want any time-related fields included. For example, if you wanted the file to be called MyFilename- followed by the abbreviated day of the week the file was created (e.g. Mon, Tue, Wed etc), then .csv, you would use:


Some of you may recognise this format – it is the standard sprintf format of datetime substitution in strings.

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