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The order status available in the API reflects a subset of our own internal business processes. These are well known and understood by all Nuvias staff to ensure high levels of support to any reseller.  Four simple order status levels are reflected via the API.

The key stages of an order are as follows:

  • ‘Pending Approval’
  • ‘Pending Fulfilment’
  • ‘Partially Fulfilled’
  • ‘Pending Billing’

Note: ’Partially Fulfilled’ can be seen when there is a large order placed that has had to be spilt into multiple dispatches or where part of the order is on a long lead time. When all batches have been fulfilled the order will change to ‘Pending Billing’.

Additional statuses are:

  • Billed – the order has been shipped and billed. No more changes will occur.
  • Cancelled – the entire order has been cancelled by the reseller or by Nuvias.

Additionally, the orderStatus method is used to retrieve the list of MAC addresses for devices which have been shipped as part of this order which are returned in the serialNumberList as part of the StatusItemList field.

Note that you may only cancel an order if it has not been approved. To cancel an order prior to shipping, you must contact the Customer Services team for a manual cancellation. Orders shipped cannot be cancelled and must be raised as a returns request for credit. Note that we may charge a restocking fee.

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