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Error handling

Error handling is very important with any API. Whilst every effort has been made to limit the errors to the Resellers, error can occur and so this section details what those errors are and how they must be handled.

Error Handling

All Netsuite® and Nuvias Order Fulfilment API system errors are automatically reported to the Nuvias Customer Services team through Critical Alerts where they can perform the necessary actions to remove the alert and ensure that the API is running continually 24/7.

From a resellers perspective, the Customer Services team can see all order transactions including the XML submissions and responses in the Management Portal should any support queries on orders be required.

The following section lists the Error codes that may occur during submissions and will list the action the reseller should take to handle them. Error codes are split into 4 groups.

Programmatically you must be able to handle these error conditions appropriately, especially if a reseller is checking the status of the system as detailed below.

You are responsible for resubmitting your order once the error reason has resolved, whether that is an issue with the order being submitted or with our systems or Netsuite. If you do not receive a success response (200) from the API, your order has not been received and our team are not aware of it.


Where errors have been received and the recommended action is wait and retry, then it is suggested you retry after 5 mins. If after 5-6 retries (approximately 30 mins) it is still failing, then raise the issue with Nuvias API Support.

A set of diagnosis steps are recommended before raising issues with Nuvias:

  1. Can the WSDL be reached?
  2. Does a checkInventory request work or returns the same error?
  3. Have you received any maintenance or outage requests from Nuvias?

When raising issues to Nuvias, please pass on the results of these steps along with details of the API request and error response returned.

Netsuite unavailable

Typically, this issue would only occur outside of UK trading hours due to scheduled maintenance on Netsuite. For international resellers this maintenance may occur during peak operating hours.

Nuvias will notify customers of any scheduled maintenance windows from NetSuite. You must ensure that we have the correct contact information for you.

For instances where no notification has been received, a manual check can be performed:

  1. Can the WSDL be reached? (if no the this is likely to be related to a network error)
  2. If the checkInventory request returns the Netsuite unavailable error code, 307.
  3. Check https://status.netsuite.com to see if the outage is maintenance or a Netsuite failure.

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