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1xx Class

This class of error indicates a problem with the request data.

100 – Validation of request data failed

Something was wrong with the validation of the Request data.

Example Response:

    <soap:Text xml:lang="en">100 : There was a problem with the request data</soap:Text>
xmlns:ns2="urn:transactions_10.reseller.siphon.com" xmlns:ns3="urn:error.transactions_10.reseller.siphon.com">
        <message>Shipping Date must be in the Future</message>

101 – purchaseOrderID is not unique
Change and resubmit

The purchase orderID is not unique. This will only occur on a submitOrder. Example Response

    <soap:Text xml:lang="en">101 : PurchaseOrderID is not unique</soap:Text>
    <ns3:soapAPIPurchaseOrderUniquenessFault xmlns:ns2="urn:transactions_10.reseller.siphon.com" xmlns:ns3="urn:error.transactions_10.reseller.siphon.com">
        <message>A search for PurchaseOrderID TEST_TEST_TEST_TEST7 has returned 1 record(s)</message>

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