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Item SKUs

The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), is a number assigned to a product by our vendors (sometimes referred to as an MPN or Manufacturer Part Number) and which we use for stock-keeping purposes and internal operations. SKU codes are assigned to a product wherever it is sold, remaining a constant throughout and made available to customers. Where possible we try and ensure that the SKU we use matches the MPN to make life simple for everyone. We also have our own products and services which you’ll find are in a specific format and always start “XX-SIP-“.

It is therefore imperative that a customer has an agreed a full list of SKU codes that they are allowed to use and are expected to use. Without a pre-agreed list of SKU codes orders will fail when submitted if they are not associated with the customer account. This is typically agreed as part of a price book with your account manager and a full list of SKUs and their details can be obtained through your account manager.

It is important that these codes and how they should be used are agreed with us prior to any test or production orders being submitted. There are occasionally discrepancies between Sandbox and Live – this reflects the timescales of the data update to Sandbox which occurs from time to time.

We are not able to support custom SKUs specified by customers. You must use the SKU we provide.

SKU Codes Fields

These are standard SKU codes are typically associated with individual standalone products.  All existing Reseller SKU Codes used over the Phone / Email or via the WebStore will also be available through the Reseller API.

SKU Codes can take many formats and typically relate to the underlying product or service.

An example SKU Code is 2200-46162-025.

SKU Attributes

Note that certain SKU codes are utilized for ordering specific Nuvias services (e.g. firmware upgrades or provisioning), or add-on product licensing, which may or may not have a chargeable element to the end reseller. These must be included when placing orders and at this time can include:

  • Licensing SKU – typically device and reseller specific. Resellers are aware of the licensing required for each device (e.g. VQMON).
  • Provisioning SKU – usually a single SKU code to indicate Provisioning is required so that it generates the associated charge. Note that there are multiple provisioning services available from Nuvias, not all of which are appropriate to all products. You should confirm with your account manager which provisioning SKU you should use for which scenario.

These above items would then generate a “Provisioning Instruction” to the warehouse for configuration.

An example Attribute SKU – UD-SIP-SER-PRV-PH

These attribute SKUs should then be added as a line item with the required quantity in the SubmitOrderForm object.

Note that we also support Vendor “virtual SKUs” or virtual bundles, where a number of items are bundled together, sometimes with a service. These will be provided as part of your normal list of SKUs in your price book. However, when you add these to your order, even though you only add a single SKU, internally we represent these as multiple items of which has its own SKU. As a result, your invoice will show a group of items with a header corresponding to the virtual bundle and a number of items underneath.

For more information on virtual bundles, speak with your account manager.

Non-SKU Attributes

You can use the following fields to send information to the Nuvias warehouse so that the orders are processed with the correct configuration instructions and they are successfully delivered to the end customer.

  • “deliveryInstructions” – the text in here is passed to our couriers and can be used by the delivery driver. Note that for many of our couriers this space is extremely limited and so we recommend that you do not use more than 46 characters. All of our delivery messages are prepended with a “Do not leave with neighbour. Do not leave in a safe place.” message. If you are unsure of how to format your message our customer services team can assist with common codes and shortcuts used by our couriers.
  • “provisioningInstructions” – used by the warehouse team to configure devices as part of a pre-staging configuration service. The configuration service must be set up by our team ahead of any orders, so you must contact the customer services team prior to using this field. They will provide details of what to place in here for any given configuration you wish to use.
  • “configurationURL” – Similar to the above, our customer services team can assist you in what to place in this field.
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