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Order workflow

The POST /orders endpoint is the fastest way to submit an order to Nuvias UC. This single command allows you to specify a list of products, full shipping details, provisioning instructions, and more.

Once you have submitted an order it will go through the following statuses, which you can monitor by calling GET /orders/{id}.

CREATEDHub is in the initial stages of processing your order.
PROCESSINGYour order has been submitted to our back-end systems.
ACCEPTEDYour order has been reviewed and is being processed.
PART_SHIPPEDWe have shipped some (but not all) of your order.
SHIPPEDWe have shipped all of your order
COMPLETEWe have finished processing your order.
ATTENTION_REQUIREDThere is a problem with your order which you need to resolve.
FAILEDYour order has failed permanently.
CANCELLEDYou have asked us to cancel your order.

A typical order will proceed from PROCESSING →ACCEPTED →SHIPPED →COMPLETE.

If your order enters the ATTENTION_REQUIRED state you must speak to us to resolve the issue with your order. Once this is done you can use the POST /orders/{id}/resubmit endpoint to resume your order.

You can cancel an order while it is in the PROCESSING state. Once it proceeds to ACCEPTED your order is final and cannot be cancelled.

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